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Play Nice is a collective of writers, creators, directors and professional leg-pullers passionate about telling stories, creating characters and building empires.

Animation is our bag and we’ve successfully created and sold our own ideas, as well as worked on commissioned projects. So, whether you’re looking for wordsmiths or brains for hire, we’re your go-to-pals for all things story.

What we do

We have developed and created content for Disney, eOne, Baobab Studios, Aurora World, Snipple Animation, Netflix, and Triggerfish Animation Studios.

Original IP

We’re always working on our own ideas and developing content for both features and series. Alas and alack some of our shows have been optioned already but get in touch to find out what else we’re playing with on our development slate.


If you’re in development hell ... yes, we've been there, we're on hand for all your story needs, whether it be story ideas, scriptwriting or those those damn bible write-ups and rewrites. And if you’re in development Groundhog Day ... yes, we've been there too, you might just need a fresh perspective so don't be shy. We play nice.


We're also available for scriptwriting, script editing and comedy mash (we don't punch) ups. Between us, we have written a couple of feature films and have been hired to write on a number of shows for Disney, Zodiak Kids, Cartoon Network, Netflix, Battat Entertainment, Illuminated Films and BBC.

Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes

There’s a new superhero coming to town!


This preschool series follows Kiya’s high-action dance and martial arts adventures. She lives in the South-African-inspired Kimoja City with her two best friends, Jay and Motsie. Together, they use their crystal-charged powers to shine bright and make things right in their community.

This show is very special to our hearts as it embraces the spirit of community and diversity in every way. Created by Marc Dey and Kelly Dillon, it has come to life through the collaboration of the combined voices, minds and talents that span the continent and globe - including our very own Play Nice pals, Tshepo Moche and Raffaella Delle Donne.

Kiya is produced by Entertainment One (eOne), Hasbro’s entertainment studio, Triggerfish, Frog Box and TeamTO, in partnership with Disney Junior and France Télévisions.

Kiya launched in the US in March 2023 and is streaming on Disney+, Disney Junior and other platforms.

Watch more Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes here

Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire

First Totem Problems


The Disney+ action-packed animated anthology draws on the continent’s rich and diverse histories and cultures to present 10 sci-fi and fantasy stories featuring bold and brave new worlds of advanced technology, aliens, spirits, and monsters. Executive produced by Peter Ramsey (co-director of the Oscar®-winning “Spider- Man: Into The Spider-Verse”), alongside Triggerfish Animation Studios.

‘First Totem Problems’ is a family comedy featured in the anthology and directed by Tshepo Moche. A film and project that not only showcases the many creative talents the African continent has to offer but also highlights the beauty of a reimagined African future and living - laughter included.

Team Spirit

IDW has put the full force of the company’s Publishing and Entertainment operations into the development launch of TEAM SPIRIT, an original comedy for kids 6-11 created by Tshepo Moche, Raffaella Delle Donne and Marc Dey.

Team Spirit follows the comedy adventures of a middle school girl who also happens to be a were-hyena and her best bud – a hulking dancing demon – who form their own cheer squad to show that despite their typical teen angst (and atypical supernatural oddities) they have enough Team Spirit to just about raise the dead.

"Team Spirit is a widely offbeat and fun comedy tailor-made for today’s 6-11 year- olds that will impact both the worlds of publishing as a graphic novel series and television as an animated series. We are excited to join with Raffaella, Marc, & Tshepo and apply our full resources in both areas of publishing and entertainment to bring their uniquely off-the-wall vision to life,” said Daniel Kendrick, Senior Director of Kids, Family & Animation.

Pearl of the Sea

Pearl of the Sea is a graphic novel written by Raffaella Delle Donne, Anthony Silverston and illustrated by Willem Samuel.

Pearl has always felt more comfortable in the sea than surrounded by the people in her sleepy South African town who always seem to let her down. But when a new friend from below the surface is taken by poachers, Pearl may need a little help after all.

With vibrant full-colour illustrations, Pearl of the Sea is a South African adventure story exploring how we are both bound to and freed by nature, seen through the eyes of a tough teen-aged heroine determined to live life by her own rules.

Pearl of the Sea is produced by Triggerfish Animation Studios and is published in English by Catalyst Press, as well as in French by Rue De Sévres.

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“With mysteries and heart, this is an exciting graphic novel everyone will enjoy!” -Daron Nefcy, Star vs. The Forces of Evil

“Silverston, Samuel, and Delle Donne are undoubtedly master storytellers, while Samuel’s intricate artistry brings magic to every page.” — Booklist (starred review)

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The Players
Raffaella Delle Donne

Raffaella is a creator, writer and professional leg-puller with a dark, warm heart, a sharp tongue and a funny bone. She is currently living in Paris, working as a writer and Executive Creative Consultant on Kiya, a new preschool series produced by eOne, Triggerfish, Frog box and TeamTO, in partnership with Disney Jnr.

Raffaella was the TV Development Executive for the Triggerfish Studios/Disney Storylab which incubated multiple shows and features, including Supa Team 4 acquired by Netflix. She has also written on shows for Disney Jnr, Zodiak Kids, Cartoon Network and Cbeebies, as well as two feature films for Triggerfish Animation Studios.

Watch the trailer for Love Monster.
Watch the trailer for Monster Beach.

Marc Dey

Marc is a scriptwriter and creator who has the most fun when he’s hanging out in his imagination. Years of watching cartoons and behaving like a kid have paid off because now his show, Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes - produced by eOne, Triggerfish, Frog box and TeamTO - is currently streaming on Disney+ and Disney Jnr.

Marc has a decade of experience in the learning industry as an educational specialist and now is an Executive Producer and writer on Kiya. He also works as a writer for hire, creating scripts and developing properties for studios including Aurora World, Baobab, Bidaya Entertainment, and Triggerfish. Marc’s greatest achievement was creating two super imaginative daughters who inspire him every day to create stories that are wacky, weird and filled with heart.

Tshepo Moche

Tshepo is a writer, director, mother, activist and all-round good human being. She spent her early years writing for local television crime and drama series and lecturing Television scriptwriting at AFDA Film School. Tshepo stepped into the animation space working as a writer on Netflix’s Mama K’s Team 4. Currently working as an Executive Creative Consultant and Writer on Kiya, a preschool series produced by Triggerfish, eOne, Frogbox, TeamTO and Disney Jnr.

She’s now also taking a seat in the Director’s chair as part of the Disney/Triggerfish Kizazi Moto short film anthology. She continues to work in both animation and live-action, developing and scriptwriting with the likes of Urucu Media, Zodiak Kids and Illuminated Films. With a focus on youth development and education, the African narrative and social/gender-based subject matter. Mothering is one of her greatest party tricks and she’s also known to accept pizza and wine as payment for services rendered.

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We’re based in South Africa and France so give us a holler and let us know if you’d like to set up a call.


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